Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Remember the summer? Recall a little band by the name of The Guru? I'm sure you do as they were blowing up all over the state. Not to mention their album Native Sun was so good we covered it TWICE! Well now they are back home from college for a few weeks and are playing an ENORMOUS show in Woodbury on December 30th.

The lineup is extensive and the cost is only $5 so there is really no excuse anyone can make for not attending. From the look of the Facebook Event, it looks like well over 200 people are already going.

Looks like the secret is out!

So here is the lineup with tentative set start times:

White Savages - 6:45pm

white savages - the fucking documentary trailer from Kyle Rodgers on Vimeo.

Madson - 7:20pm

The Hiya Dunes - 8:00pm

High Pop - 8:40pm

Lovers and Thieves - 9:20pm

The Guru - 10:00pm

The new owner of Woodbury Music Shop will also be there doing raffles and giving away free things!

December 30, 2011 at
Old Town Hall
5 Mountain Rd, Woodbury

Facebook Event Page

The Guru - Barracuda Hands by CTINDIE


Dave said...

Hint: The people who click "going" on Facebook don't always go. It's an internet thing.

Anonymous said...

To Dave, as someone who attended their last show at the same venue in August-

Hint: over 250 at the door. These are bands that bring out living humans to enjoy live music, it's not an 'internet thing'

Brushback said...

To anonymous, as a living human who attends dozens of D.I.Y. shows every year --

I wasn't putting the band down or saying that the couldn't draw 200 people, so back off. Re-read what I said, it has nothing to do with the band or the venue.