Friday, September 30, 2011

The Guru - Native Sun (Revisited)

Appropriately described as Disco rock, The Guru can certainly get a crowd bobbing their heads—or dancing like maniacs. With a lunatic vocalist, a cross between Isaac Brock and Brak, the band swathes our ears with an overtly melodic mix of dueling guitars, pulsating bass, and drums straight out of boogie nights.

The guitars are absolutely amazing on “Native Sun”—intricate riffs battle for the forefront. Their melodies can be compared to riffs of bands like The Owls or Don Caballero. The Guru is able to utilize traditional jazz chords while maintaining a rock sound—tough to do. In fact, in the breakdown of Pirate’s Cove, the band draws guitar influence from the jazz standard Blue Bossa. The group seamlessly floats through time signatures like they don’t exist. In general, the band has a strong grasp on song writing. Though, at times, the guitars become a bit too much and sound like wanky blues riffing from a 70s porno. But structurally the songs are solid. I do have one cavil though: the album was mastered way too loud and at times digital clipping is apparent. But the mix itself is rather intriguing. The Guru makes great use of space, reverb, and panning.

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Barracuda Hands off "Native Sun"
The Guru - Barracuda Hands by CTINDIE

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This band is awesome they need to come back to hartford