Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deluxe - Plastic Glass (Single)

Deluxe is on the cutting edge of the 1980's vibe! If 2011 is truly the year of retro, then these fine gentleman are striking while the iron is hot. Employing the use of technologies old and new, Deluxe adorns their songs with lush instrumentation. Drum machines, synths and guitar all intermingle on the Plastic Glass single. The short story on Deluxe: Started in 2009 by Jayson Munro (The Striders, Ghost of Chance) and Dave Brook, this project was largely an idea until 2011 with the recording of several new songs. Jayson and Dave wield software like experts, as they do analogue instruments (guitar, bass, analogue synth). While no shows are currently lined up, they are working on their debut release and are hopeful to play shows in support of it. Whether you like synthy, anachronistic pop music or not; the passion embedded in the songs is undeniable. These are people who are here to create music.

Jayson Munro has a long history of writing songs, and he remains true to form with these songs. Solid, natural progressions with the icing of 80's styling make this initial single an obvious portent of what's to come. We wait patiently for Deluxe to fill our ears with a smattering of tongue-in-cheek serious music!

Download the "Plastic Glass" single by Deluxe today and join the future/past!

Keep your eyes peeled for "Color by Deluxe" coming this fall/winter
Plastic Glass Single by 00Deluxe00

Keep your eyes peeled for "Color by Deluxe" coming this fall/winter
Deluxe - plastic glass by 00Deluxe00

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