Sunday, September 25, 2011

High Pop - Hippie Speed Ball

High pop, indeed! High Pop are a band who channel punk, brit invasion, freak folk and a whole mess of other genres for their EP "Hippie Speed Ball". This band's recordings manage to find intricacy in their quality and mix despite being Lo-Fi. Generally speaking, I love Lo-Fi and there is no exception here! I was most impressed by how this band manages to work their medium for what it's worth. They clearly know what their equipment is capable of and play to the strengths of it. These guys have a real Ty Segal thing going on with their vocals occasionally blowing out all other instrumentation on their recordings. The results are, frankly, exciting!

The songs themselves are lean, which is great for me! I have a pretty bad case of musical ADHD which makes this band particularly favorable in my brain with song lengths averaging on 2 mins.
Opener "The Shakes" belongs right where it is, as the first impression you get of this EP. The chorus is anthemic, despite having more complexity than a song of anthem caliber. I love the Ramones style "The Charm". EP closer "Crafts" is an awesome shoegaze song that gives us a little medium reminder at the finale, with a "tape malfunction" that slows to a grinding halt.
Nice dismount, High Pop!

Do yourselves a favor, head to High Pop's Bandcamp site and get "Hippie Speed Ball" now.

High pop - hippie speed ball - 01 the shakes by CTINDIE

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