Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ghost of Chance have a new EP and TOUR!!!

New Haven's Ghost of Chance have a new EP coming out soon, and they are celebrating with an east coast tour with New Milford's Fins!

Ghost of Chance’s soon-to-be released, on Obscure MeRecords, Paddleboat 7” EP fell in to our hands recently and it sounds great.  The sophisticated garage rock sound will leave your ears ringing and teeth semi intact. The memorable melodies, sporadically placed, makes Paddleboat a great pop EP cloaked in the darkened and muddy shrouds of garage/psych rock. 

“Mexico City,” starts the EP off with a bit of a surfy/spy rock kind of vibe, enveloping your senses with lots of reverberation pedals and lavish effects.  To this writer, it sounds like Jayson is singing down a long hallway.  The opening riff, Joy Division like, will certainly remain stuck in your head for a long time. “Wooden Tambourine,” the EPs second track, starts off sounding like a dirty nightclub and transforms itself into an early Beatles song on mushrooms.

“Stormageddon,” is a short piece on side B with a chorus reminiscent of Guided By Voices “Jar of Cardinals.”  The Who style guitar stabs in the verse add an interesting rhythm to the song. “Bobcat Villager,” perhaps named after a car from the 80s, finishes the album with a fun surf rock rhythm, descending into a dark Mudhoney like chorus and completely psychedelic breakdown. 

This is a must have for any fan of garage/psych rock and sounds even more appropriate on 7 inch vinyl!

The EP will be on sale, officially, Nov 15th through  But if you are lucky enough to see these guys on tour with Fins, they will be selling vinyl copies. 


10/30/12       Mr Roboto Project            Pittsburgh, PA 
11/1/12         Haymarket Whisky Bar     Louisville, KY
11/2/12         Tin Roof                            Nashville, TN 
11/3/12         The Nick                            Birmingham, AL
11/4/12         Smith’s Olde Bar               Atlanta, GA
11/5/12         The Cave                          Chapel Hill, NC
11/7/12         Kraken bar                        Chapel Hill, NC
11/8/12         Velvet lounge                    Washington, DC
11/10/12       Kung fu neck tie                Philadelphia, PA
11/12/12       Death by Audio                 Brooklyn, NY

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