Monday, October 1, 2012

Jake Ryder - Recordings

I love this.
This is what happens when a wider populous gets their hands on recording gear, the spectrum of music widens dramatically. What we are witnessing is growth exponential to the boom of outsider music in the 70's and 80's with the availability of four track cassette recorders.
Jake Ryder makes tunes born of the ideas of the past but forged firmly in the modern, creating an environment of sound full of buzz and saturated treble that naturally thrills.

Effects laden vocals and guitar/keys kick in right away, and meander as "Half Assed Battery Acid Blues" starts up. This is a steady pop song with tons of attitude and style. My initial reaction is that it feels like cutting edge modern pop.

"Sunshine Girl" is another totally poppy song. This could be a cover from an beach loving band from the 60's or 70's. It's fractured and alkward but totally classy. How it manages to be these totally different things escapes me but I am paying attention, that is for sure!

"The Invincible Folding Chair" barely gives you time to learn it before it is over, and to me, that is a true songwriting quality. This song wastes NO time at all and completes itself and its musical idea at the perfect moment.

"The Doorway Is Blocked" has some Sebadoh vibes musically, as well as stuff like Grandaddy and The Strokes. A pretty complicated lead in the middle of this song throws it all off course as it dwindles to a fade. I am into it though. I thoroughly enjoy Jake's bizarre idea of how music works!

"Running From The Sun" is the featured downloadable track from "Recordings" and when you go to the bandcamp, it is the starting track. It makes sense why. For all the attitude and groove on the rest of the songs, this one has multiples more. Such a fantastic composition and awesome arrangement.

"Real Deal" is another short song, like an old traditional folk song fed through the strange buzzing "Jake Ryder" filter. It is a true tribute to popular music. I hope this is the beginning of a long winding road of tunes from Jake Ryder

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