Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drinkdeeply Presents: North Shore Troubadours, Yankee Bang Bang, Gene Gnomes on 12/1

Gene Gnomes are releasing a new CD and they're having a release party at ELM BAR on 12/1 with North Shore Troubadours and Yankee Bang Bang.

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Gene Gnomes
After playing as the instrumental group Experimental Gene for two years, the Gene Gnomes formed in 2001 as a three-piece modern rock band, substituting tuba where bass guitar traditionally fit. Their music has been well received in the New Haven music scene for their unique sound and eclectic style. The Gnomes extensive repertoire of original songs covers a broad spectrum, ranging from straightahead rock to hard-to-classify hybrids of many modern styles

North Shore Troubadours
North Shore Troubadours are an instrumental surf rock band that takes the classic formula of twangy, reverb-drenched guitars and infectious rhythms inspired by Dick Dale, The Ventures, Laika & The Cosmonauts and Los Straitjackets, and evolved a progressive and original sound all our own. We fuse surf with jazz, punk, metal, psychedelia, reggae, klezmer, film and TV soundtracks, and anything that comes our way to create songs that are equal parts rock & roll circus and schizophonic cinemascape.

Yankee Bang Bang
After appeasing her father with a Physics degree and running away to New York to escape a fate of making things that kill p- errrr - "defense research," Sita met Kevin, a road-weary, top gear-savvy, speed-happy drummer with a mysterious past. They vowed that they would dedicate their lives to making music that was true to their respective roots and yet original, music that would capture new and interesting themes without ever losing its edge, music that would make people dance in the streets and make out with strangers, shaking wildly as if having epileptic seizures and experiencing LSD flashbacks.

They have succeeded in all of these endeavors with their first EP, "Color Me." With its driving rhythms, catchy guitar riffs, Bollywood-inspired vocal melodies, sonic orgasms, and lyrics covering subjects ranging from jilted love to The Apocalypse, it is, in a sense, psycho garage pop at its finest

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Yankee Bang Bang said...

Yankee Bang Bang is super stoked to be coming back to New Haven!! check us out at !