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Hooks and Sinkers, The Lost Riots, The Hulls @ Chas' Place 11/10

TIME FOR MORE PUNK ROCK. This time at Chas' Place in Meriden. Hooks & Sinkers, The Lost Riots and The Hulls come together to kick in some teeth and spit some blood.

From the Facebook Event:

ARClight USA in conjunction with Die Hipster Presents:

Hooks and Sinkers
The Lost Riots
The Hulls

Come out to the wonderland known as Meriden, (located smack dab in the heart of Connecticut) and bear witness to what is sure to be a memorable night of Punk Rock bliss.

Saturday November 10th Chas' will host 3 New Haven Bands: Hooks and Sinkers, The Lost Riots, and The Hulls.

As always at Chas', shows are 21 and over and free to the public. Drinks are cheap, and as well as live music, the venue offers air hockey, Pool and Darts. Come on out and lend your ears in support of this fine night of music. Show starts promptly at 9PM. Continue reading for more info on the bands:

Hooks and Sinkers:

Hooks & Sinkers are a musician veteran group of goodfellas from CT with a positive attitude and hunger for reaching out to your town to perform. Josh Hannon from Bloodshot Hooligans, Javier Canales from the Bad Lieutenants, Joseph Nettleton from Forced Reality, Mike Sanchez from Soul Reapin' 3, and Jeff Edwards from the Culture Club.

The Lost Riots:

Frontman Jeffrey Thunders compiled a bunch of songs over the course of the last ten years with various bands and home recordings. In early 2012 he formed the great Lost Riots with Sean Beirne from The Battlecats and Noel Tomas from The Field Recordings, and famous Ct Punk Rocker Matt Injection on bass and started a full blown garage punk explosion in southern New England....

The Hulls:

New England Belongs to Me: The Story of The Hulls

The Hulls are four guys who became friends over the last ten years drinking and playing in various bands in and around New Haven, CT.

Kevin was playing drums in three bands (No Image, The Pink Slips, The Symbionts) and wanted to start a new band and write and play honest, DIY punk rock with a strong social and personal message. He also didn’t want to play drums, but play guitar instead. John had two other bands (Sex & Death USA, Puckish) and wanted to play the type of punk rock that Kevin was talking about. Jess wasn’t playing in any bands at the time and it all sounded good to him. Matty was the obvious choice to round out the rhythm section.

Sporadic practices ensued throughout 2009 with jobs, relationships, and life overall making it difficult to get anything going.

Enough was enough and the guys got things rolling in early 2010. Jess’ cousin Payton came up with a brilliant name for the band: The Hulls. This is in reference to The Hull Brewing Company which brewed beer in New Haven from 1872 until 1977. Proud of their local heritage and avid beer consumption, the name fit like a glove.

The first show was played in the summer. Matty moved to Maine in the fall. Ryan joined on drums in the winter. Songs were recorded in January 2011 and a five song demo was sold at shows. The boys shared the stage with New England legends The Queers, The FUs, and Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One.

Ryan left the band at the end of the summer 2011 and Bob (Puckish, The Cavemen Go, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt) soon came aboard to solidify the lineup and make The Hulls stronger than ever.

2012 looks to be an exciting year with the boys continuing to write their unique style of punk rock that “pays homage to the classics but still puts its own spin on the sound” and has been described as “late 70s British style punk” a la The Clash and The Buzzcocks and “Boston Oi punk” in the vein of Darkbuster, The Explosion, and early Dropkick Murphys. More recording and shows are on the horizon as The Hulls continue to rock throughout New England, the Northeast, and beyond!

Check out more info at the Facebook Event Page

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