Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Joiner Inners invite you to their "House of Sound"

New Haven indie pop rockers, The Joiner Inners, have released their new album, “House of Sound,” and it’s chock full of pop goodness.

Taking cues from bands like The Lemonheads, (early) Fountains of Wayne, and indie gods Nada Surf, The Joiner Inners have crafted a record full of catchy songs complete with all the hooks, bells and whistles that draw you into a great pop record.  Recorded by Jon Conine (Electric Bucket, Red Blade) in two days back in February, “House of Sound” includes seven songs that may not leave your brain and will get stuck in your car stereo. It all comes at a great time because this is the perfect record for long summer drives down to the shore. Songs like “What It Is” and “House of Sound” scream “radio hits,” and would probably upset Evan Dando because they are not his songs. Other songs like “Just One Thing” and “A List of Better Endings” display the bands dirty, garagey rock and roll side with their slight Paul Westerberg guitar tones and Superdrag appeal. Overall, The Joiner Inners have captured a straight ahead pop rock record mixed with all the right indie influences. “House of Sound” is another great record that has been released this year and it’s a good contender for a list of favorites at the end of 2013. 

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You can hear the album at
or you can stop by Cafe 9 Friday night and get yourself a copy with BONUS LIVE TRACKS!!!!/events/541873675858896/