Saturday, June 8, 2013 Summer Mix 2013 - q-90

OK! So after a week of labor, the new Summer Mix is finally complete. To say the submission level was overwhelming is an understatement. We simply cannot BELIEVE how many submissions we received for this mix. Last year, we received submissions from 35 CT bands to make D60, the 2012 Summer Mix (named for being 2 hours long, or "double" 60 minutes). This year we received a staggering number of tracks from 90 bands. So, after compiling just over 5 hours of music, we present to you q-90: the quadruple CD, 90 track Summer Mix 2013!

I want to take a minute to explain the process we created to compile this mix. First, we whittled down all submissions to one song per band. (After seeing the total quantity of submissions, it became obvious we would need to set a limit.) Next came the tricky part of creating "categories" by which to separate the songs. One of our writers had the idea of separating them by "perceived" location. This doesn't so much mean the location of the band or songwriter as much as it means where the song SOUNDS like it came from. Those locations are: Metropolis, Suburbia, Hinterland and Limbo. Limbo is a sort of "nowhere" where we put songs that were impossible to place in the other three categories. This does NOT mean that any of these songs were written or recorded in any of these locations, just that the vibe of the song and sound directed us to place it in a certain category. This also doesn't mean that Limbo is worse/better than any of the other categories, it just contains the stuff that's harder to associate with something specific.

With the large quantity of submissions came music that pushed extremes of musical style and emotional intensity. Listen for rap, hardcore, folk, indie, and plenty of not easily classifiable sounds. All of these extremes are representative of what Connecticut's musical artists are up to in 2013. The vast spectrum of styles allows for easy bridges, so the mix flows smoothly.

We URGE all of you to share this digitally as well as physically ALL SUMMER. We at CTINDIE will be producing 100 sets of the 4CD compilation (400 CDs) out of pocket for distribution all summer, as well as 100 copies of the mix as an MP3 CD. We understand if you only share the CD that you are on, but we hope you will help the entire scene and spread around the whole mix. It is long and strange and worth every minute. We clearly have something special here in CT, and it deserves to be proliferated and heard at the highest level.

So without further ado, we present the final compilation of q-90, the Summer Mix 2013.

Here you are, CT... This is YOU!

In alphabetical order by disc:

01 The $6.99 Symphony - Theme for Passing By an Object of Great Interest Without Stopping
02 River Tigris - Tales of Crime
03 Hanging Hills - Lucky on a Different Day
04 Nat Lyon - Gin And Visions
05 Jacket Thor - Ode to Lunar Phases
06 Ghost of Chance - Wooden Tambourine
07 Johnny Mainstream - Stage
08 Farmertan - Captains of Industry
09 Chaser Eight - Never Alone
10 Post-Modern Panic - Mia
11 The Backyard Committee - We Had Our Fun
12 The Dustbusters - Garden Gnome
13 The Park - We Are Only Friends
14 Jason Prince - When We Were Young
15 Paper Hill Casket Company - Survive
16 Ben Erickson - BBQ
17 Them Damn Hamiltons - Gethsemane
18 Off The Trolley - To Fly
19 The Human Fly - Wilted
20 The Grimm Generation - Brooklyn Good

01 Lowt Ide - The Hymn of Healing
02 Breakthrough Frequencies - Pretentious Porcupine
03 The Danbury Lie - Unclothed
04 The High Noon - Siceli Ceiling
05 Parlay Droner - Etherfever
06 Mercy Choir - Go Get Yourself Some Distractions
07 Kamikaze Fighter Pilots - Fill Up On Bread
08 I Was A Skim Milk Kid - Teen Hearthrobs Don't Listen To Lofi
09 Burnouts From Outer Space - Queen Of The Angels
10 ZEN Lunacy - Weird America
11 Cosmic Battle - Create Love
12 Esrede - Big Stupid Necklaces
13 Lovestar - Let It Happen
14 The Guru - Go Easy
15 The Mendition of the Quay - Not Me
16 Forcefeel - Tomorrow Just Happened Like Five Minutes Ago
17 The Morning On Fire - Jesse
18 Beijing - Triggers
19 The Midnightmares - Stabbing the Stars
20 If Not For Dreaming - Nothing
21 An Historic - Ice All Melting
22 VVVRS - Flushot

01 Jacques Le Coque - Ain't No Fun
02 Stone Titan - Faul
03 The Lost Riots - Our Generation feat. Eric Montes
04 Empty Vessels - Situational Awareness
05 Heavy Breath - Be The Prometheus
06 Somebody's Basement - November, 2000 and 12!
07 Diminishing Jim - The Monster I've Become
08 Uncle Sonny - Cousin
09 Backdoor Boys - Tigerblood 
10 Neon Leather Drip - Yokey Fruit Basket
11 ClaS!ck - Red
12 SeeS - Champion
13 Diztrict Allstarz - 9 To 5
14 Fake Babies - Talk Like My Baby
15 Quantum Leaf - Locust Ringle
16 Comets - Fire The Wake Up Call
17 Holden Palmieri - Reverie
18 You Scream I Scream - Baby
19 Kyle Flynn - Ten By Ten
20 Eriston - Gone
21 Native MODE - The Disco AM
22 Tricero - Hive Mind
23 Punk Poet Mike V. - A Bigger Composition

01 Angel Beach - Now
02 Straight To VHS - Patchwork City
03 Pools Are Nice - DINK!
04 Spectral Fangs - Crowded Signals
05 Lip Keebler's Dead Wives - Pharmacist
06 Furnsss - Fab
07 High Pop - ssSips
08 Slander - Magnets
09 Werewolf Police - Undesired Raincloud
10 Speedy Ortiz - Tiger Tank
11 Buck McGrane - Irony
12 Atrina - Thrush and Thrasher
13 Florida=Death - ...Eventual Ending Of A Lifelong Run-On Sentence
14 Titles - Be Not Afraid 
15 Wess Meets West - New England
16 Head With Wings - Humble Beginnings
17 Naive Graduate - Cotton Candy
18 The Ugly Club - Last Evenings (Floating)
19 José Oyola - Outside
20 Elison Jackson - Burned
21 The Gentle Stunts - Don't Drag Me Away
22 Woodsman Orphan - Credits
23 The Smooth Hands - Balancing The Books Of Love
24 The All-About - Whatever Happy Birthday
25 Violent Mae - Hole In My Heart

Finally, if you want to download the whole 671MB mix as sorted MP3's it is being shared on Dropbox and you can get a copy at this link:

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CT ROX said...

Thank you again for another amazing collection of CT music. I plan to play much, if not all, of the tracks on CT ROCKS! (Twitter : @CTROXRADIO) ... Facebook : Connecticut Rocks! on WPKN ...

and each month, catch the update : Ab Origine : now in its 2nd year!

- bob d.