Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dan Verner of Monster Eats Pilot - Interview

In the wake of Sneaky Castro Dan Verner has crafted another rock and roll machine, Monster Eats Pilot. With a combination of Alternative, Grunge, soul, and low down and dirty rock and roll Monster Eats Pilot has released a new album called “Extended Unicorn Play”.  Check out what Dan had to say, and check out Monster Eats Pilot on the information superhighway.

How would you best describe Monster Eats Pilot?
DV - A band unencumbered, with no concern as to others expectations or thoughts.

What do you like best about the New Haven music scene?
 DV - It's inclusive nature. Any show, any night you can meet very cool people and enjoy yourself... as long as you're not a self-aware dullard.

What are your personal influences?
DV - The Kinks, Modest Mouse, The Beatsteaks, Nirvana, Hendrix, Bad Religion, The Pixies, Dead Kennedys, White Stripes, Fiona Apple

Top 5 favorite records of all time?
DV - 1. “Moon and Antarctica” - Modest Mouse 2. “And the Glass Handed Kites” - Mew 3. “Bug” - Dinosaur Jr. 4. “In Utero” - Nirvana 5. “Doolittle” - The Pixies

Are you ready for a Zombie invasion? 
DV - I will be among the first to die, but will probably be drunk and stoned so it's okay.

When Meatloaf says he “will do anything for love, but won’t do that” what do you think he “won’t do”? 
DV - Meatloaf will not stop writing intentionally vague throwaway lyrics for money.

Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin? 
DV - Sabbath every single day, Zep could disappear and I'd be totally cool with that. Lousy cock rock prognosticators are what they are.

New Haven is known for pizza. Everyone has a favorite spot. Where do you enjoy a god pie?
DV - My absolute favorite spot for a good pie is Frisco's Pizza in the Annex section of New Haven

Best way to have fun with no money?
DV - Back door of Anna Liffeys with a brown paper bag and stolen spray paint.

The band has a new record. What should we know about it?
DV - Recorded onto 8 track, with little compression... turn it WAY UP. And no pitch correction, but that's kind of obvious.

Would you like to give any shout outs to anyone?
DV - The guys and ladies at Bethany Underground, Anna Liffeys for being my entrance point into the New Haven scene, my wife Lauren for drawing us up posters, and every single musician with the fortitude to get on stage.

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