Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Evening with Great Caesar, José Oyola & the Astronauts, Giorgio Fareira @ Lyric Hall on 5/31

The beautiful and intimate Lyric Hall is hosting a classy show this Friday featuring José Oyola & The Astronauts, Great Caesar and Giorgio Fareira!

From the Facebook Event:

Taco Hut & Lyric Hall Present: An Evening with

Great Caesar

Brooklyn-based indie rock sextet with horns, guitars, and unparalleled live energy.

José Oyola & the Astronauts

José Oyola & the Astronauts is an experimental indie rock project based out of New Haven, CT. Originally a solo songster, Jose Oyola began writing music in a crammed apartment on Chapel Street. As the buzz surrounding his songs grew, seemingly so did his apartment where he was regularly throwing local music events.

Giorgio Fareira

Singer/songwriter Giorgio Fareira got his first break in a Ford Escort. An unlikely venue to launch a music career, but his melodic rendition of chili cheese tator tots and cherry limeade sent the girl taking his order through the Sonic Drive-In speaker,into contagious giggles. So contagious, that within 24 hours, a video of his order was viral on youtube and soon everyone wanted what he had. Calls came in from local and national TV and international radio shows and ultimately Ellen DeGeneres formally introduced Giorgio to the world February 14, 2012 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Come spend an evening at Lyric Hall with music, refreshments, cheese, h'orderves!

Wear your classy attire.

Seating is limited. Tickets will be mailed out.

All ages

Lyric Hall

827 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515

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