Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ab Origine - The CTINDIE Radio Spot (September 2013 Edition)

Bob D'Aprile from CTROCK on WPKN Bridgeport and have teamed up to produce and syndicate an ongoing monthly radio spot promoting as many CT shows and artists as we can. The spot series, called Ab Origine (from the source, in latin) premiered June 28th 2012 on WPKN.

Hear the latest edition of Ab Origine below:

dates listed:
Sept 6 Leslie Costa & the Usual Suspects
sept 7 - Moving Targets
Sept 13 - Grupo Bravo
Sept 14 Circadian Rhythm, Drawing A Line
Sept 20 Two Man Advantage, The Lost Riots, Malcolm Tent
Sept 27 Socially Starved, Commercial Interruption, The Clams
Oct 12 - The Zambonis, The Stents

Cafe Nine in new haven

sept 5 supersuckers, hellbound glory
sept 11, magical cloudz, child actor
sept 17 califone, the backyard committee
sept 19 kings and liars, mind over master
sept 25 wess meet west, beijing
oct 11 quasi


sept 11, born cages, all in blind
sept 18 detective, spectral fangs
sept 25 the beets, estrogen highs
oct 2 potty mouth, california x

Heirloom Arts Theatre danbury

sept 11 storm the bay, no tide
sept 15 heirloom arts theatre flea market, the homeless gospel choir play at 7pm

The Stomping Ground in putnam

sept 6     Little Sugar and The Big Spoonful
sept 13 Uncle Flatty
sept 19 Roosevelt Dime
sept 25 The Blind Owl Band
oct 3 The Barley Hoppers


Sully's pub in hartford

sept 7 1974
sept 19 mike dillon band
sept 21 wimbash
sept 27 lucid and hot day at the zoo
sept 28 indie groove w/ relative souls

best video in hamden
Sept. 25. RAGWEED
Sept. 26.  LUKE RODNEY

The Space in hamden
sept 9 Kishi Bashi, Kindred Queer
sept 10 Man Man, Milksop:Unsung
sept 12 Last One Out, The Palindromes
sept 14 O’Brother, Native
sept 20 Broadcast Hearts, The Lively,
sept 28 Eggy
oct 1 The Internet (of Odd Future), Jose Oyola & the Astronauts

The Outer Space
sept 5 Uncle Sonny
sept 8 Todd Baker
sept 10 10,000 Blades
sept 11 The High Tides
sept 12 Ovlov
sept 15 Moon Hooch, Great Caesar

Spaceland Ballroom
Sept 12 Pinback, Deathfix
sept 13 The Stepkids
sept 20 Palaris w/ Dance Charlatan, Vespers Nine
sept 29 The Feelies
sept 8 starF&%#er, small black, feelings
sept 26 CHIEF KEEF

wallingfords cherry street station

sept 13 the maddening process, under a serpent sun
sept 20 damn broads
sept 21 penitentary
sept 28 stagger
sept 30 element a440
oct 5 nasty disaster

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