Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Empty Vessels - "Waves of Waves"

Before splitting into two, Empty vessels released possibly the best record in 2013. With a combination of brutal hardcore bands like Earth Crisis and the art punk sound of stuff like Hot Snakes.

Empty vessels struck a sound that made its way across the board. That sound can be felt through all ten tracks on their release “Waves of Waves”. The album came out earlier this year when the band had a breath to take a break from playing shows all over the East Coast.

A perfect example of the true musicianship and style that Empty vessels are known for can be heard on the second Track “All Day.” With that late 90’s underground art punk jangle of the guitar that blasts into a brutal hardcore-metal chorus. This song will get you going and sets up a great sound from another great (Connecticut band) release.

“Situational Awareness” which appears to be the single is fast, really fast! With a quick solid drum into that kicks into a growly, dark, and hypnotizing string section and will bring you through a whirlwind of emotions and will spit you out on the other side. The best part is that whirlwind only lasts 1:38. Actually there are only three songs that are over the 3 minute mark on “Waves of Waves” which is probably a good thing for your senses.

Overall the record is fast and loud, which is not a bad thing. It’s actually a great thing. It’s a great record. However since the release both their singer Matt and bassist Dean have left the band. That didn’t bring the others (Allison who plays guitar and Justin who is the drummer) down.

As a two piece Empty Vessels are still going strong. They are still playing shows like crazy so look out for them in your area.

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