Friday, November 29, 2013

IN BLANKETS - A Sleep Themed Split 7 Inch by Breakthrough Frequencies and City Streets Country Roads!

Like your rock spacey and environmental? Like collaborations? Then In Blankets by Breakthrough Frequencies and City Streets Country Roads is the wax for you!

It appears as though this 7 inch is "Sleep" themed, meaning each of the artists songs are pertaining to slumber. Breakthrough Frequencies track "Glaciers" sports noodling guitars absolutely drenched in reverb. Solid beats and somber vocals accompany this song as it unfolds and swells. Just after the 2 minute mark this song takes some super aggressive turns that seem to come out of nowhere. Extremely proggy blasts of viscous distortion and bellowing vocals. The songs descends back to its reverb groove as it comes to a close. The band made a video for this song which is ALSO effects laden!

City Streets Country Roads contribution is "White Noise" a blues rock stagger wrapped in meaty warm distortion. The vocals are desperate and wavering, and expertly sung by Jason Karwowski. This is a very accessible song, comparable to early Radiohead, but with a more bluesy/garage rock sound. The quality of the recordings of both these songs is outstanding!

City Streets Country Roads also has a video for their track:

Pick this up on either bands bandcamp or at shows!

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