Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dave Go and The Guy From Beastmaster - Reel (sic) / Dear Darwin, Kill Jesus

dave Go and the Guy from Beastmaster is a project led by Dave from Florida=Death. He released 2 very different but still brilliant albums in September, a pair of themed musical collages called "reel (sic)" and "dear darwin, kill jesus"

reel (sic) starts with "pull every one." a somber and slow guitar folk song with screeching feedback encroaching on it in swells. It turns into solo keys and samples and then into a buzzy lo-fi groove littered with samples. The environment flows and changes shape every time you start to get comfortable with these songs, which keeps things VERY interesting. It makes certain clips of music stand out way more than others to me, inside tracks. At 1:45ish in "plant parenthood" is a deep weird little loop of guitar and drums that drives itself in a dizzying circle.

There are so many trademarks of dave Go and his aesthetic, as would be expected. His penchant for slowing and speeding tape speeds takes the already eerie sounds he captures beyond the limits of time that confine them. The format and flow of "there were some things, now... there are no things" as well as many of the tracks on "reel (sic)" are reminiscent of Beck's early 90's audio collage/pastiche masterpiece "Stereopathetic Soul Manure", of which is super likely that dave GO is a fan (more on this later when we talk about dear darwin). I wonder if the Guy from Beastmaster is a fan?

The second half of "habit" is another super lo-fi groover, which personally if you ask me is one of the 2 things I think dave does best. Lo-fi groovers that change speed, and dancy off-beat horn based loops. Another nice dark groove starts up "hold it". A dark brooding environment of machine hum and bass, interrupted at times by blaring air horn sounds or the tape speeds sudden decrease. "people with ideas bigger than their dreams" is interesting as it is a tender and affecting solo nylon acoustic guitar strumming mournfully while light reverberated tape squeals swarm around it. Closing out this album is "god uses crack" a 9+ min piece that goes from somber acoustic folk to bassy enironmentals to sample collage.

Now, "dear darwin, kill jesus" is like the opposite of "reel (sic)" in that it is nearly entirely lighthearted, comedic, and dancy. On this album dave GO showcases that he is incredibly skilled at making all manner of amazing and mesmerizing beats. "wooden you?" opens with a clip of some awesomely lame New Jack City style dance pop and then kicks into its first solid beat, giving off flavors of DOOM in the best possible way. There isn't one moment in "wooden you?" that I don't like but there are moments that stand out as extra spicy, like the 3:53 mark. dave GO drops a hard beat on some lovely and disorienting jazz horn samples overlain with repeating sirens.

"moon to run away" caught me off guard in a hilarious way. A sample of girls singing "la la la" and then a deep cut sample from the Kids In The Hall movie from 1996 "Brain Candy". It's unmistakeable to me, a gun blast followed by Kevin McDonald's holler of pain. It turns out that gun blast sound is the "snare sample" in this drum beat. "france is not what you thought it was" is a straight up solid minute of perfect dance beat loop. One of my favorite tracks of dave Go's. After the 2 minute mark on "no escaping destiny" is another super tight beat matched with wonderfully peculiar samples. "i got so carried away / if this works out" is probably my favorite track on this album, drums are fat as all hell, filthy bass line and constant interruptions.

"get the fuck outta here" is probably the most flagrant in its display of illegal samples, with a pretty full on, if not disjointed sample from R.E.M.'s annoying classic "everybody hurts" followed by a crash/explosion and a sample of someone exclaiming the titular line. Next it delves into some Beck samples from "one foot in the grave" off K Records and then closes with some more head nodding beats. At 1:47 in "dont wait for me" is another fly as fuck beat and sample combo. I feel like any decent rapper worth his weight in words could loop any of the phrases on "dear darwin, kill jesus" and make a killer track. 

All in all these are 2 VERY different albums nearly simultaneously from one of the states most gifted sound artists. Both are worth your time, one more for introspects who like lo-fi folk gloom and one for your booty and your chuckles. 


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