Monday, November 3, 2014

Chris Modeen - Dinosaurio

Chris Modeen makes odd folk music with a real pop edge. His home recorded "Dinosaurio" is mainly acoustic guitar and various takes of his vocals. He has a Kev MF King, or Modest Mouse vibe, but with a darker vocal sense.

The guitar in "public school" is pretty standard but it's through the vocals and composition that Chris really does something in his own flavor. It's all around a good listen. In fact, I feel like that may be an ongoing thing with this whole set of songs, the guitar work is really good, despite the chord progressions being steeped in traditional folk-pop, but its in how the song parts are arranged and more so how Chris designs his vocals. The nearly blown out quality of "carolina" take you by surprise at first but then it's back to business as usual, clever lyrics sung manically over folk pop guitar. The guitar in "burning bridges" is easily my favorite on this set of songs. Dark and moody with a bit of introspect. This is a good collection of songs, and we hope this is another stone on the path of progress for Chris and his songs.

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