Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Straight To VHS - “Weekend, Weekend, Weekend”

They released one of the best records last year and now it seems New London Garage rockers Straight To VHS have struck again. With the release of “Weekend, Weekend, Weekend” the Wailing City three piece have solidified themselves as a band not to mess with.

“Weekend, Weekend, Weekend” is full of lo-fi garage & punk nuggets that will be stuck in your brain for the rest of time. Recorded and Mixed by, Andrew Oedel at Fortune Recording Studios, New London, CT this record is a blistering 11 tracks that will probably go down as one of the best records in recent memory.

Exploding right off the bat with “Bitch, You Ain't No Ninja” you can tell that this band is pure fun. Jay Silva’s snare drum cuts through the hypnotizing guitars. The lyrics are pretty repetitive but they work in this song, and it’ll make you want to dance your face off all night. Deeper into the record is “Sore Loser.” This song has a Dinosaur Jr feel mixed with local rock gods Fatal Film. The song is the “slow jam” of the album and shows how Straight To VHS can slow it down and still know how to party.

“Weekend, Weekend, Weekend” ends with the infectious “Mountain Song”. With its slight country undertones, loose drumming, and bashing acoustic guitars it’s a perfect way to end this flawless record.

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