Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lake Kwan Do - Recordings

The few who know me know that I tend toward music that has no real categorization, and sometimes even less information. On occasion we get submissions of this kind and I instantly take to them. One such submission is by Lake Kwan Do, in the form the their EP "Recordings".

Dark and minimal but nonetheless affecting, this little EP is supposed to sound like "New Haven in the winter". I think it succeeds in this endeavor in a large way. "Apricot" is super moody and dark, a brief snippet of a dark stroll down a filthy sidewalk. "Better Days" has some 8-bit keys meandering around a simple beat. The singer croons himself some sad pop with a hint of reverb. This is the 1st of the 2 solid "singles" on this EP.

So much of this EP is bass heavy. "Apollo" is just bass guitar and vocals with the occasional keys. "Collage 1" is a tape warped loop of disorienting keys. The closer "Trapezoid" is the clear lead single from this EP, bleeding class and sonic goodness. Simple but huge drums blast over playful organ keys as the singer takes his croon to the next level. The vocals in this song are straight up gorgeous, and despite this song going to the near 4 minute mark it doesn't seem like this song is too long.

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