Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tick Hive - Oracle Of Love

Tick Hive is the moniker of Matt DP who is the newest member of CT's finest Florida=Death. Tick Hive has been releasing material for some time now, and Matt has already shown himself to be an amazing innovator of sound. His newest releases is called "Oracle of Love" and is released on Quantum Wampum

"Baby Horse" is in limbo somewhere between eerie chanting loops and off kilter clicking interruption. Dark and moody on the surface and mystery is somewhere below. "IsayWhat'sit? v1" takes it all a step further with more dissonance and bending notes, increasing a sort of eerie dread. "HIPS" has more creepy bending and fluttering noise with a steady beat and some spoken word on top. Rhythmic buzzing and overload push this song even further toward its climax.

"GREY" is brimming with slowed down samples, reaching much lower frequencies and tones with its repetitive beat loop. The song explodes into screeching noise by the end. "clubbed stupid OUTRODUCTION" is a deep chugging loop of moody uncertainty. A suitably morbid end to this brief and bizarre look into Tick Hive's ever changing sounds capes.

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