Thursday, January 29, 2015


Even in these colder months there's no shortage of CT music. Shirese is a new band made of people you should already know from other amazing and innovative projects. People like Matt DP of Tick Hive and Florida=Death, Mike from Heavy Breath and Dave Go from Florida=Death.

"It Occurs" starts with a downbeat sluggishness that is interrupted by a blast of grimy distorted energy. This music is brimming with downer emotions but the music itself has a much more confident and defiant sound. "Igloo Chick" has some creepy vibes, eerie disjointed leads and off-putting vocals. It's a bizarre sound environment that seems indicative of the overall flavor of Shirese; dark, moody and a somewhat brazen sense of confidence. For someone like me these are the  ingredients needed to make something memorable.

"Salt Circle" is extremely distracting. The guitar is like a repeating alarm during the first part, before calming to a more ethereal sound for the remainder of the song. The composition is moderately progressive, and seems like the focus is heavily on the environment of the song itself. "Astral Engine" is the shoegazer of the album, which is to say it is slower tempo but never loses that odd Shirese flavor.

"Son Of Sam Donaldson (V-3)" sounds like a traditional 50's song composition filtered through Shirese. I really appreciate the uniform quality to the vocals through this entire collection. Odd, nearly unhinged vocals with a slight flavor of The Residents with some nice short distance delay. "Blud Red Silt" is the last song on this album and is more in the vein of noise/soundcollage; reminding you of the people at the heart of this project. The whole album is extremely impressive and powerful.

You should go see Shirese on Sunday Feb 15th @ The Tick Hive (I hear Piss Chiseler is going to be there to play a one off performance as well!) and get a copy of this. Or visit their bandcamp page!


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