Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SPLNSHNTS - BlownCaseLoad

Ready for something new? Something you can't really describe easily? Filthybroke MJC and Parlay Droner team up to become the indomitable SPLNSHNTS and deliver delicious thunder to your ears!

Hung Nail kicks the collection off with a bang! Beefed up drum samples and droning takes us on a steady head bopping trip through the minds of 2 odd dudes. This is my favorite song on the EP and is one hell of a way to open it. SPLNSHNTS specialty is warped and manipulated samples, and that is apparent here as they shine through this track. Slow jam "Mountains of Madness" is introspective and eerie, still with a solid repeating beat. Organs and other keys blend in to make this song swell with deep beauty.

Rorschakra has more eerie droning and another super solid beat. This beat could easily pass for MF DOOM if I wasn't already acquainted with it. Weird vocal samples in the center of this song give it a real dreamy deja-vu vibe. Cast Iron Catheter is brimming with environment. It feels wet, nearly dank and filled with the colors of the forest. As it goes it comes apart and then back together and does so seamlessly. Rest Less (MJC Early Dub) is a little more sparse but still solid and exploratory. That seems to be the vibe of the whole collection, solid mean beats with a sizable amount of exploration.

This is really something special and we hope to hear more and more from SPLNSHNTS, as well as more solo work from
Filthybroke MJC and Parlay Droner.

Get a copy of this NOW on FilthyBroke Records Bandcamp


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