Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mind The Journey EP

Mind The Journey is Spencer Sabo of Madison CT. He makes super weird synthy psychedelic pop music. On his eponymous EP he explores some pretty thick territory and the results are both confounding and joyous.

Strong vibrato synth is the sound of this EP, and it kicks in immediately. Matched with reverb drenched vocals and drum machines, opener "Try To Understand" is like a soaked and weird lullaby filled with harmony. "Time And The Sea" sounds more like a live band, steady and poppy disco drums confidently march this song through its high end synth explosions and sweet vocal moans. "When It Happens" slows the pace down a bit, trading speed for intensity. This song is very strong and has single potential.

Another big standout song is "Shooting Bullets" which has some stellar pop elements. The bass is really strong and wonderful in this song. It nearly comes off like a Gentle Stunts song, but with much stronger synth sound. Closer "Colored Shadows" is a gorgeous song with piano and organ drenched in reverb over the soft introspective vocals Spencer delivers.

Mind The Journey is a very pleasant and challenging EP that is in your interest to check out. Go to Mind The Journey's Bandcamp page and nab it up

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