Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Connecticut recording studios

Acoustic Refuge
Dirt Floor Studio
East Rock Recording Studio
Hot Lunch Recording
Onyx Soundlab
Planet of Sound Studio
Snow Plow Records
Trod Nossel Studios
UP Recording Studio


Anonymous said...

Virtual Studio has all the required live media processing facilities to ensure successful completion of projects on time and within budgets. Its facilities includes: Talk shows hosting, using virtual sets; live & on-demand web-cast streaming studio; recording by voiceover artists; production facility for audio video presentations; option for live call outs or live phone-ins; radio shows; panel discussions; training-educational videos with software demos audio-video processing, optimization & encoding facility. All this with 100% power backup; multiple connectivity for live web-casts; online project management system.

Anonymous said...

you forgot Sure Sound Recording Studio CT


Unknown said...

Can you b record and play naked