Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Show - Thursday, July 31 2008

Thursday, July 31 2008 - at The People's Center:
ARIEL PINK w/Chairlift and The Procedure Club

People's Center
37 Howe Street
New Haven CT
$8.00 - 7:00PM - All Ages

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The alternative pop/rock and lo-fi recordings of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti are full of intrigue -- and full of contradictions. Pink, a male singer, composer, musician, and producer who is based in Los Angeles, provides songs that are melodic, catchy, and familiar -- songs that, in their own unorthodox way, recall the most immediate, accessible, straightforward FM pop/rock of the '70s and '80s. But Pink's work also comes across as bizarre, trippy, skewed, and twisted -- and a lot of that strangeness comes from his production style. As a songwriter, Pink has a real sense of pop/rock craftsmanship, but his very muddy way of producing and his oddball, kooky sound effects make the late-'90s and early-2000s recordings of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti (which is really the name of a project, not an actual group) sound highly eccentric. Do not neglect to visit the Human Ear Music page.

Chairlift, who are touring with Ariel Pink, formed in Boulder, Colorado in early 2006 to make live music for haunted houses. Frequenting the strange Broker Inn on the edge of town to see empty late-night jazz shows, Caroline Polachek, Aaron Pfenning and later-joining Patrick Wimberly were all mystified by the 1980's faux-gothic architecture, oak-cabinet aquariums, vacant dancefloors, fake trees, and muffled velveteen booths which provided them with the 'ideal hypothetical setting' for a new breed of pop music- a place where subtle clashes blossomed into uncanny pleasure. Now relocated to Brooklyn. For fans of Mgmt., Yeasayer, Efterklang, etc.

The Procedure Club is a Connecticut-based duo consisting of Adam Malec and Andrea Belair. Adam: ex-member of Groovski, Human Pontiac, produces and arranges most of the PC’s music. Andrea Belair native of western Massachusetts, sings and arranges PC’s music. She’s also a raging bitch and the most vain and superficial human being on this planet, a truly horrible person. Out of this godforsaken alliance comes The Procedure Club.

Click on over to Mutant Sounds for free downloads of some of Ariel Pink's recordings! Find the fun here.

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