Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alli Millstein

If delicate and searching folk warms your heart, but you want something more compelling than the usual singer/songwriter fare, take the time to check out Connecticut's Alli Millstein. At only 21, she has already sailed well past affectation towards the deeper waters of song craft and poetry.

It's Millstein's attention to detail that truly sets her apart. Her tune "Skeletons" in particular, with its bendy drones and bursts of buzz, or the touch of slide on "Our Love is Underground", signal that she knows what's up. And it seems that she is destined to soon deliver the kind of intensity that Ellen McIlwaine poured from her soul over thirty years ago. For now, think of Alli Millstein as the little wooden match that's about to light a bonfire. Stick around and watch her grow.

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