Monday, March 30, 2009

Suburban Home Records Tour

Tuesday, April 21 2009

Tim Barry

Austin Lucas

Josh Small

Haunted Continents

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

$8 - 8:00PM - 21+

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Don't miss the chance to see some great musicians on April 21st at Cafe 9. This is the Suburban Home Records tour, featuring a blend of old meets new with the booming sounds of rock, bluegrass, folk and country all coming together into one tiny venue. Before hearing about this show I didn't know anything about these guys, and now I'm hooked. It seems like they're all ex-punks who traded in their boots for acoustic guitars, and the result is pretty awesome.

Tim Barry has been playing music for a long time with Avail, a punk band. Since 2004 he's been working on his solo career. He embarked on an insane amount of tour dates this month! The music is kind of a blending of Americana music with punk and hardcore sensibilities, it's a real interesting listen. Barry's music is really intense, fun and energetic. He's got some really great tunes on his Myspace page, so check it out.

Austin Lucas has a great voice, and sprinkles in lots of bluegrass licks. His music is the perfect blend of contemporary and old-timey. It doesn't really fit any mold, and seems to rise above any classifications. He's got an album coming out soon, and I can't really describe to you how beautiful it is.

Josh Small's drawl calls to you, and invites you to hear his story. Musically there's a lot of banjo, complex guitar work, and a dash of New Orleans here and there. I'm really digging it, and I'm sure it's an even better live show. With songs like "Boozin Susan" and "Knife in my Belly" how can you go wrong?

Local band Haunted Continents is apparently a side project of Call it Arson. I don't know much more than what Myspace and his website gives me, but the one song on there is great.

Anyway, it should be a killer show. It seems like Manic is getting some really great stuff into our tiny state these days!


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