Friday, March 20, 2009

Asobi Seksu, a secret, and Watcher

Tuesday, March 31 2009 - Local Takeover and Manic Productions Presents:
Asobi Seksu w/Team Boo & Watcher

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford CT

$10 - 9:00PM - 21+

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Asobi Seksu
“This Brooklyn group’s previous albums established them as shoegaze confectioners, molding candy swirls out of Yuki Chikudate’s soaring, translucent voice and guitarist James Hanna’s Kevin Shields–worshiping production. But here, Asobi Seksu do something My Bloody Valentine can’t — leave Shields behind. “Sing Tomorrow’s Praise” and “Me & Mary” evoke iciness over icing, with more expansive cool than insidious sweetness. And the duo’s seasick guitars (”Layers”), ethereal synths (”Gliss”), and Japanese lyricism (”Meh No Mae”) still provide plenty of geeky studio epiphanies.” - Spin
Polyvinyl Records

Team Boo
Fact: The Rolling Stones started off their Steel Wheels Tour with a secret show at Toad's Place back in '89. Fact: Team Boo is not The Rolling Stones.

When I last saw Watcher, they were sounding somewhere between Roxy Music, Joy Division, Lou Reed, and even Bauhaus, just without any of the glam theatrics. Interpol might be the better comparison now. But all comparisons are ultimately insufficient in describing this genre-bending rock band.

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theneedledrop said...

I heard something crazy about Team Boo. Like they're best friends with Mates of State or something.