Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dead Meadow show

I went to see Dead Meadow at Daniel Street in Milford last night - it was a pretty good time. I've never seen them before, and I thought they were pretty decent. They were really raw and noisy, and played a ton of awesome riffs. I don't know how they manage to make their music feel so laid back while still thrashing it.

Mountains opened for them, and they were pretty excellent. I've never seen such a massive and expensive array of gear and pedals. They just pushed a bunch of walls of ambient sound at the crowd, and then expanded on those ideas until it was one explosive nightmare of delay and loops. Not bad, but it got a little repetitive.

Bottle Up & Go also played earlier in the night, but they looked drunk as hell and were having a lot of trouble keeping it together. They played real sloppy slide guitar with thundering drums, sax, and don't-give-a-shit signing. The drummer utterly destroyed his kit (literally) and I think he cracked a cymbal. He was definitely a one-trick pony though, and played everything with the same beat. I wasn't that into them but I guess they were having fun. The singer came around and drank people's beers at the end.

This photo sucks, but I forgot my camera and all I had was my phone with me. Not that I'm a good photographer to begin with. Anyway, good show - Daniel Street is a pretty awesome venue, so check it out.

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