Friday, September 4, 2009

House Show details

I'm pretty damn excited to be presenting this... so check out my house show. They'll be some great music there. Since parking is limited, I have to ask that you carpool if you can. If you want to bring some food, I'm sure everyone will also appreciate that. Also, email me for the address and directions - I want to get a rough headcount of how many people are going to show up.

If it's nice out, we'll be outside in the sunshine...

So here's the band list:

Petite Mal
sings beautiful acapella anthems that are both sweet and completely screwed up. A tiny girl with a tiny voice singing tiny songs, she's really unique and fantastic.

Jesse Tobias sounds like spending the night outside in a sleeping bag looking at the stars. Heartfelt vocals and great guitar parts mixed with atmospheric backgrounds make for some really great tunes.

Blind Charles plays quiet, introspective ragas and folk songs. He plays complex acoustic blues and drone, reminiscent of John Fahey and Jack Rose. Get there early so you don't miss it, he's awesome.

The Cartography Division has been a dead project for many years, but we're reviving it for this show. It's reverbed out folk music in it's most stripped down form. There might be some surprises in store, so hopefully we're not too rusty...

Anyway, if you want to go, just shoot me an email. It's going to be really laid back and fun, so come check it out.

- John

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Brushback said...

I'm gonna be out of town that week, but good luck with your show!