Monday, September 14, 2009

MB 89

Ex-local artist Craig Colorusso returns to CT with a never ending sound and light installation, entitled MB 89. On Saturday, the exhibit will be at Heirloom Arts in Danbury. There will be two showings: afternoon and evening. Colorusso played guitar and sang in a number of local bands, including China Pig and Static Press 19. He is also founder of MUDD Industries, a local record company that managed a ton of releases. Craig's latest work is MB 89.

MB 89 is an environment for people to enter into, a work of art that allows people to come into the room and interact with the artwork. There are three elements in the environment: light, sound and sculpture. There are three 10-foot cylinders of fabric that breathe in the room, while blue lights glow and fade to fill the space with light and shadows. Inside one of the cylinders, Colorusso plays a drone-based bass clarinet piece live. The music evolves slowly over time engulfing the participant, making subtle changes seem monumental. The whole room, including the participants, becomes the piece. Unlike a composition with a discrete beginning and ending that may be played over and over, MB 89 is a composition played once, continuously; spaces between performances are to be treated as musical rests. Instead of many starts and finishes there is constant music.

It should be an engaging exhibit, and a great way to spend your Saturday. There will be an early children's show from 2 to 5, and will run $5. The evening show is from 7- 11, and costs $10.

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