Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Field Recordings want YOU on the cover of The Elastic Nostalgia

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cranbury Park
Norwalk, CT

PLEASE RSVP to thefieldrecordings [at] gmail [dot] com

Facebook event page here

Clothes: Men: “Blues Brothers” suits (Black pants, Black Jacket, White Shirt, Black Tie). Women: Black Dress or “Funeral Clothes”
Compensation: Free Food, Hot Coffee, Thousands of THANK YOU’s, Autographed copy of the album when it’s released
Rain Date: Sunday, October 24th

The Field Recordings are about to release a new record. They would help photographing their album cover. The Photo will consist of dozens of young men & young women in funeral dress (black suits/white shirts/black ties for men, black dresses & the sundry other things we don’t even know the names of for women), smiling & laughing while running through the park in a close procession on a sunny/blue day. The leader of the crowd will be waving a large white flag bearing the “Cultural Ouroboros“ symbol, 5 or 6 white “surrender” flags will be scattered amongst the crowd.

A few more details about the idea behind this project can be found on The Field Recordings website.

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