Friday, October 8, 2010

Last Two Popeye's Garage Shows

Friday, October 8 and Saturday, October 9, 2010:
Popeye's Garage
50 Goffe Street
New Haven, CT

Both shows are $5 suggested donation, and start at 7:00 PM. Au revoir, Popeye's.

Oct. 8:
The Field Recordings (they have some new music that's about to get released)
Dead Wives (fucking great new local band)
Escalator (members of Ripshit and Dead Uncles)
Ghost of Chance (they just put out a couple new videos, here, here, and here.)

Oct. 9:
Malcolm Tent
Colorguard and Matt Grem Collaboration
SOFX (members of Book Slave and Gasoline Wind)
Rotten Orifice

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Brushback said...

This place was the best. I will be at one, or both, of these.