Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Call It Heavy Dance Newwave or Geisha Fujiyama Rock, Bo-Peep's Hard Driving Sound Will Delight You

In a very general sense music is one of the best ways to break down cultural and language barriers. It's even better when said music in question isn't some lame world beat crap, but kick ass rock-n-roll. The women who comprise Japanese band Bo-Peep know all about this. Their hard driving sound which plays like the punkier, better side of grunge, may come from a different culture (ironically enough one that worships American music) and transcends the boundaries between East and West, with style and panache. It's the type of cultural exchange that those in the know can really get behind.
"You can dance to our songs, you can enjoy our songs, you can horseplay with our songs and you can release energy," the band said via e-mail.
But this is nothing new. Japan boasts a fine roster of hard rocking bands that have made an impact in the United States. There is the psychedelic sludge of Boris, along with the post-hardcore sound of Envy, the crazed gonzo garage metal of Electric Eel Shock and who can forget the raucous sounds of such bands as Guitar Wolf and Teengenerate.
You can definitely add Bo-Peep's name to the list of bands that have made a sonic impact in the States.
The band, which is comprised of Mika Yoshimura (guitar/vocals), Kaori Takebayashi (bass) and Ryoko Nakano (drums), formed ten years ago in Fukuoka via Tokyo. At the time, Mika and Ryoko were in a four piece band that broke up. They went looking for a female bass player and found one in Hime (who is now on leave) and the band was formed.
Since then, they've picked a new bass player in Takebayashi and recorded five albums. They've also toured the United States twice, making stops at the South By Southwest music fest in Austin the last two years. They are looking forward to coming back.
"We've already toured two times. We loved the open expanses of land and the strong response from the audience," they said via e-mail.
This tour will take them to Daniel Street in Milford on November 17. Their mission behind touring internationally is quite simple.
"In Japan, there is a lot of exciting rock music that hasn't crossed over to the West. We want to be a band that can share exciting music with audiences all over the world," they said.
Though they sing in their native tongue, there is nothing lost in translation when they kick into songs such as "B-Level Motion", "Junction Guerilla" and "I Do My Best", where bounce around the stage with boundless energy, that is infectious, hitting the audience with their infectious and bombastic sound.
So, come on down and share in this ultra-cool cultural exchange. Bo-Peep guarantees a straight-up fun time.

Bobbie Peru will be releasing a split 7" with Kimono Draggin' on Spaynsive Productions in the upcoming months! (KD are also playing Saturday, November 13th at Cherry Street Station, Wallingford CT with Old Man Lady Luck, The Clearer, and Many Arms.)

About Bobbie Peru:
The harshness of the east U.S coast meets the gritty north west of the UK , there's no mercy going on here. Bobbie Peru are a genuine strength to be reckoned with. There are only 3 of them, but the brute force and elegant melodics weigh heavily on the heart and soul. The songs are driving and urgent, the messages harsh and sometimes sarcastic, giving hints of a cruel sense of humour buried within the assault. Their debut LP 'Social Suicide' was met with wide acclaim and has, at the time of writing, nearly sold out. Since its release the band have toured extensively to promote it, including support tours across Europe and the U.K with The Fall, Black Francis and Spear Of Destiny. As a result of all the gigs their sound has developed considerably over the last year and the newer material is much more raw and less fussy. It's almost punk, but too intelligent to be just painted as that. The live shows have gained them much respect, the band are engaging and attention demanding. Frontman and guitarist Bert is particularly menacing and unpredictable, whilst the rhythm section lay down a concrete slab of sound. ---words from Spaynsive Productions via Manic via wherever via your mom

Also playing: Noised out improv from CT Jerkagram and 2 Ton Bug

Bo-Peep Tour:

Friday, November 12 AS220, Providence, Rhode Island

Sunday, November 14: The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, New York

Monday, November 15th: Philadelphia Museum of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, November 16th: O'briens Pub, Boston, Massachusetts

Wednesday, November 17th: Daniel Street Club, Milford, Connecticut

Thursday, November 18th: Arlene's Grocery, Manhattan, New York

Wednesday, November 17 2010, Manic Productions presents Bo-Peep, Bobbie Peru, Jerkagram, 2 Ton Bug

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford, CT

8:00pm - 21+ - $8

Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records


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