Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Friday night in Hartford

So... there's two great events happening in Hartford this Friday night, so strap on that jammy pack and get ready for a night of some great Hartford locals.

First up, at La Paloma Sabanera coffee house, you'll be able to catch two of the best up and coming Hartford bands, Heirlooms and String Theorie. Heirlooms are one of my favorite bands in CT right now, and they recently released a beautiful EP that's undeniably brilliant. If you haven't heard it yet, you should head over to their site right now. String Theorie describe themselves as a indie world folk - to me, they sound like their tunes are somewhere between classical and jam band. It's exciting and weird while still fun to listen to. Although La Paloma Sabanera is no stranger to having live music, this is the first time I've heard of the venue, it sounds pretty sweet. Also, it's a BYOB joint, so feel free to bring your booze of choice. The bands start at 7:30, and should give you plenty of time to hit your next destination: Sully's!

After that show, you can saunter on over to Sully's and catch Sunspots and Little Ugly at 10. Sunspots are a shimmery alt-country band that really remind me of Silver Jews (who mention CT in their song Strange Victory Strange Defeat.... coincidence?) with all of the choral buildups but none of the lazy meandering baritone vocals. Also, composer Matt Sargent plays guitar and sings for them, so you can't beat that. Little Ugly is also playing - they play some moody heartfelt acoustic americana. They've been around for a long time and have established a huge presence in CT over the past few years, and play a zillion shows a year. Check out their video:

Sully's website appears to be down, but if you're lost, they're at 2071 Park Street - can't miss it.


melanie aurora said...

what about the hartford party starters union show at arch street tavern? three great shows friday night!!/event.php?eid=160411400646570&index=1

John H. said...

yes indeedy - i will write these up too if i get a minute!