Friday, November 12, 2010

Maserati, The Psychic Paramount, Steve Moore (of Zombi)

Sunday, November 14, 2010, Manic Productions presents

Lilly's Pad (Toad's Place Upstairs)
300 York Street
New Haven, CT

7:00pm - All Ages - $10

Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records

words from respective band bios/press:

Maserati is a band from Athens, Georgia whose sound is best described as a combination of post-rock and psychedelic influences. Their music is instrumental, relying on the standard rock instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums.For fans of The Mercury Program, Red Sparowes, Grails, etc. Temporary Residence Limited

The Psychic Paramount:
Formed just five days before a scheduled tour of France and Italy in Nov/Dec 2002 with original drummer Tatsuya Nakatani. The music and performances were often chaotic and unpredictable lent by a sense of urgency and chance elements. After touring the US in 2004 the group, with new drummer Jeff Conaway, recorded their first studio album Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural. Released in the fall of 2005, Gamelan was praised by critics and introduced the world to this mysterious power-trio from New York. No Quarter

Steve Moore (of Zombi):
As one-half of Zombi, in which he plays synthesizer and bass guitar, the Pittsburgh native’s affinity for unsettling mood and motif is well-documented over the band’s two self-released EPs and three Relapse releases.

Zombi provides Moore with the chance to turn his blood-red obsession with U.S. and Italian horror films of the 1970s and 1980s into his own brand of cinema for the ears—preferably ones capped with headphones in a darkened room, black candles optional. Armed with a bank of analog equipment and with drummer A.E. Paterra aboard, Moore drew evenly from his years of university music study as well as cassette-tape pedagogy under horror-soundtrack composers John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, and Goblin. Gradually, Moore’s infusion of Zombi’s music with progressive-rock elements reached an apex with the “Cosmos” album. Arrangements growing in scope and ambition, fusion-informed rhythmic complexity, and even the odd keyboard solo and anachronistic MIDI sequence recalled not only the mid-1980s AOR-prog of Rush, but also the works of Tangerine Dream and Jan Hammer.

In addition to his works with Zombi, Moore has also recorded material with Microwaves and Panthers, as well as been involved in a number of scores for independent horror movies including 'The Redsin Tower' (collaboration with Scott Hull), 'Horror Business', 'Murder-Set-Pieces' (as Zombi), 'Home Sick' (as Zombi) and more. Relapse

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