Friday, December 3, 2010

Black Noise Scam, Murdervan, Sadplant, The Hempsteadys

Cherry Street Station
491 N Cherry Street Ext
Wallingford Center, CT

9:00pm - 21+ - No Cover


Black Noise Scam
The Hempsteadys

Hear and see:


Brushback said...

Kinda neat to see that Murdervan are playing out again...

Brushback said...

Ha ha, I just remembered, I think the last time I saw Murdervan (almost two years ago), they played at Cherry St. with Black Noise Scam also... those dudes need a break.

CT Indie said...

Murdervan always remind me of God's Balls era Tad, which sucks because then I want to be a kid again.

Brushback said...

Tad sounds like that? I never gave a crap about Tad, so I never knew.

Murdervan reminds me of all of the CT hardcore bands in the mid-80's that tried to evolve into hard rock, but weren't manly enough to pull it off (C.I.A., Dresden, Vatican Commandos, Bad Attitude, etc). Except that Murdervan can pull it off.

CT Indie said...

I honestly only vaguely remember Tad's first record, but for some reason, ummm yeah. .. Or maybe it was Poison Idea? ha. Whatever. Yeah, man, Murdervan do pull it off well.

Brushback said...

Poison Idea's later hard rock/metal stuff, yeah, Murdervan sound a bit like that.