Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fake Babies - We Started Blues

Safety Meeting Records is releasing the Fake Babies debut full length, We Started Blues, on February 18, 2011. After cleaning all the damn hot chocolate off the preview disc that a certain someone spilled on it along with the now ruined one sheet that Shark Party mailed, I had myself a listen. Stupid me thought I wasn't going to enjoy this record.

Even if Fake Babies aren't at the creative heights of TV on the Radio or Prince, their mix of soulfulness, atmospherics, guitars, beats, blips, and a weird 80's-ish-pop-funk-rock-dance thing at least hints at underground nods toward both. They ad some raw meat into the hazy chillwave movement by going back a few steps to trip-hop, using sparse Tricky-like Maxinquaye rhythms. Smoked-up samplage, soul wrapped in blankets of synth in octaves rich, deep and high, they cruise into anxious abstract hip-hop territory and even use harsh industrial electronica in the vein of Cabaret Voltaire as if this was a perfectly obvious thing to do. But considering they had a drop dead gorgeous woman dancing around with a decapitated goat head for their video Sophisticated Thighs, how can anyone expect Fake Babies to give a shit what people think. They've thrown down a damn fine record that is suitable for swaying to in the corner of the room, or drinking yourself drunk while watching that lovely person swaying in the corner. An album people will fuck to for years to come.

Track Listing

1. Literature
2. Sophisticated Thighs
3. S T Dance
4. Get Loved
5. LA
6. Reprise
7. Do
8. Kill For Me
9. Blow Your Head Off
10. Belly
11. Live Without You

-A Fuzzy Rainbow production

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