Friday, December 17, 2010

Toby Aronson, Tooth Ache, Roman Wolfe

Monday, December 20, 2010

71 Orange Street
New Haven, CT

6 pm - 9 pm - $5 - refreshments available

Toby Aronson - Rats Cops, NNA tapes; noise/drone/newage from Burlington, VT

Tooth Ache - new 7” out on Father/Daughter Records; "downer pop" from Burlington, VT

Roman Wolfe - Arabian Blade, Hate Your Guts)

While you're there, shell out your hard earned dough for:

The Mountain Movers' Apple Mountain (Car Crash Avoiders, 2010): a double LP with book and CD, Apple Mountain tells the story of two lovers whose time together is interrupted by an out-of-season blizzard. Edition of 250.

Editioned prints from Blackunicorn Studios: serious New Haven artifacts, hand-pulled silkscreens, edition of 40.

untitled (Detritus holiday print), Mark Williams (2010). Custom print to accompany Williams' light drawings in our windows, edition of 25.

How to Win Her Love by Rudolph Delson (New Haven Review Books, 2010): Beautiful in its presentation, exhaustive in its neurosis. One of (3) new books published by the New Haven Review's new imprint.

Lastly, you might have seen a little bit about this on Facebook already:

Ephemeroptera Quarterly is a micro-edition zine that joins art and sound in one lathe-cut, screwed together package. The collaboration of several New Haven area artists, the first issue is limited to 30 copies and will not be reprinted. Expect Ephemeroptera to arrive at DETRITUS in January.

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