Monday, February 6, 2012

Cold Snap 7" Review And Mini-Interview

Cold Snap – American Cancer b/w Spice Island 7” (Get Young Records)

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One of Connecticut’s finest post-hardcore bands has once again released another 7” chock full of the boss tuneage they are known for. The title track, which happens to be on the B-Side, is a powerful blast of sludgy, mid-paced hardcore with churning noisy guitars and lead singer Jack screaming his guts out. It’s the riffier of the two songs on display here. “American Cancer” stretches out a bit, but manages to lose none of its power. This one is a slow-burn curveball, but it works wonderfully in showcasing another side of the band. After digesting these two tracks, you’ll be begging for more and wondering if they will soon release a full length or at the very least an EP. Regardless, this is one band that never wears out its welcome. I want more.

But that’s not all. In the spirit of full disclosure, we put a few questions to Cold Snap lead singer Jack and here are his answers, in true Jack fashion. One thing is for sure, they aren’t a straight edge band. The rest of the band features Mario on guitar, Al on drums and Ben on bass. We’re all just on a first name basis here. Anyway, check them out when they play a show or pick up of their releases, which are all of high quality and have been given good reviews in this very blog. See, we do like some things….remember kids, it’s quality, not quantity.

You have released all your material as 7"'s. Why is that?
I suppose I could say that it was part of some larger plan, but that would be a complete lie. We just happen to put out seven inches so far, maybe it was some sort of destiny if you want to believe in that sort of thing.

How would you define the band's sound? How did you come up with it?
I don't try to define the sound. I just let it become its own entity at this point. Our inspiration is so varied, whether it be musical or otherwise that I think the outcome is just as varied. And at this point, we're not trying to play to impress someone.

Where do you think the band fits in the Connecticut Music Scene? Why?
I don't know, its not really something I care too much about to think about.

What are the band's lyrical themes?
I write about ideas I have in my head. Things I think about when I get stoned. Things I think about when I walk somewhere but nowhere in particular. Things I think of when I am in public. Things I think of in private. I have too many thoughts and they need to come out.

What are the band's plans for the future? Is there a possible a full length in the offing? More shows? Touring?
We have some songs that no one has heard. Quite a few, but let time take its course. There will be no extensive touring due to our job situations, but there will be shows in the northeast in the spring. That's really it I guess. shout out to raoul.

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