Friday, February 24, 2012

Ghost of Chance & 1974 hit up CAFE 9 on LEAPDAY!

Leap-years only come once every four years, and to celebrate this leap-year Ghost of Chance and 1974 are playing Cafe 9 in New Haven! I know its a Wednesday but its also a 4 year rarity, so you really have no choice but to attend.


Ghost of Chance -- kaleidoscopic garage rock

Ghost of Chance are an experimental rock band based in New Haven, Connecticut. The group’s distinctive style is characterized by subtle time signature changes and sonically open experimentation set to surrealist lyrics. Ghost of Chance’s sound takes its influence from 1960s psychedelica, math rock and post punk while maintaining the shimmer of classic pop sensibilities.

1974 -- progressive rock

Formed in the winter of 2007, 1974 began amalgamating the members’ musical influences by composing songs with elements of classic and progressive rock, jazz, punk, ska, metal, and folk into a quirky collection of songs that led to their 2008 debut CD, “A Simpler Time.”

Wednesday February 29th
Ghost of Chance
Cafe 9
250 State St
New Haven

See you there!

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BrandonTyler said...

Had the opportunity to play the 1974 in the past. They are a great group with lots of energy!