Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rachel Carson At The Outer Space on February 29

Rachel Carson is a twenty-something singer songwriter from Ellington, who plays on the more commercial end of pop-rock spectrum. While drawing influences from such performers as Sheryl Crow and Michelle Branch, this up and coming performer intends to hook the listener with catchy choruses and breezy melodies. So, for some of you this might not be to your taste, but she is sincere and works hard, so that does matter. We can't always write about crazy, snobby, indie rock all the time, can we? (Well, maybe.)

Anyway I sent Carson a few questions by e-mail last weekend and here are her responses. It must be noted that she will be the featured performer at the Outer Space's in Hamden's Open Mic this Wednesday at 7pm. So if you like what you've read and what you've heard, then head on down and show some support.

You are currently in the studio putting together a full length album. How is this going? And how is the full length different from the EP you put out a few years ago? What can we expect from this?

The recording process is going great! It took a while, but we’re finally in the mixing process of this album. We have about one more song to go through and then we’re hopefully done. The album (entitled “Long Time Coming”) should be released sometime this summer. The full length album is different from the EP I put out mainly because in the EP, it was a mixture of songs recorded by my previous band to a song I recorded in my bedroom. The recording process was very different with“Long Time Coming” in the sense that we built every song from the ground up by recording drums first, followed by bass, and other instruments on top of the guitar tracks. You’ll find this album to be eclectic as well when it comes to moods of the songs. For instance, the opening song “You and I” has an uplifting and hopeful melody. Then you go into“The Rush” which could easily be an anthem of some sort. There are songs on there that my longtime fans will recognize and newer songs that have rarely been performed. I believe there’s at least one song for everyone on there and can’t wait to share it!

How has your songwriting evolved from when you first started? How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it?

When I first began writing songs, I found myself caught up in writing lyrics that were so personal, it got to the point where I was the only person who knew what the song was about. As time went on, I learned how to write lyrics that were universal and craft melodies in a way that would be catchy. I suppose my newer songs are more mature now and either tell stories that will catch the listener’s ear or help someone relate so they don’t feel alone. I’d describe my music as infectious melodies that you want to hold on to and don’t let go.

You perform both solo and with a band. How is performing with a band different from when you perform solo? How is the music approached differently?

Performing with a band is always a powerful experience. You have the opportunity to play off each other and there’s always a great amount of energy. I think it makes the show more interesting for the audience to have multiple instruments playing and letting the other band members shine as well. When I perform solo, it’s more intimate in the sense that I feel as though the audience can relate more to the music because it’s more personable.

What do you personally get out of writing a song?

It usually depends on the song. Sometimes I write them to get a story across or if it’s a song about someone specific, I pretend I’m writing to that individual to get thoughts and feelings out. Some of my songs aren’t autobiographical even though some listeners may think so. Instead, they’re stories of encouragement and messages I feel need to be heard.

What are your plans for the future once the record is done? Touring? Shows? More recording?

After this record is done, I hope to do some touring and play more shows. My manager and I are looking in to different avenues of promotion, such as making creative music videos, getting some of the songs from “Long Time Coming” played on college radio stations, and go from there. I’m looking forward to where this journey takes me and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.


The Outer Space
295 Treadwell Street
Hamden, CT

Doors: 5:00PM
Cost: $3.00
Advanced: $3.00

Facebook event page

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