Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Single from Ghost of Chance - I Feel Fine

It is growing more and more uncommon in today's world of instant information and constant second guessing to find someone who knows their strengths and abilities and has the confidence to explore and display them. Few and far between are artists of all mediums and genres who can muster the bravery to say "I love this and I am good at it, so I will do the hell out of it!". The boys of Ghost of Chance, led by local wizard Jayson Munro have the courage. They flaunt their pop sensibilities on their new single "I Feel Fine". It is effortlessly original while still citing so many inspirations. It sounds modern and feels very retro, somehow. Even though these guys just released the album "A Simple Beast" in November, they are gearing up for a new LP in just a few months. "Be My Void" has a tentative release set for July. For now, whet your ear whistles with this ultra pop smash single from a sure-to-be summer hit!

These guys will be playing all over the state this spring and summer, and it is in your best interest to seek them out and get down with it!

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