Thursday, March 15, 2012

Speedy Ortiz - "Taylor Swift" b/w "Swm Fan"

From the ashes of old bands comes new ones. When the members of Speedy Ortiz's other bands split up (the sadly missed: Quilty, Graph and Ovlov) members of these bands got together to explore their tastes in a new setting: SPEEDY ORTIZ. These crazy kids just released a digital single (but are open to pressing it as a 7") March 6th called "Taylor Swift b/w Swim Fan" and it friggin rocks. "Taylor Swift" is a deep chugger with shifty time changes and a totally classic tone. Singer Sadie lets you know "I got too many boyfriends to see you tonight" in front of the jangling guitars and mean bass that flood this song.
While "Swim Fan" may be a slower tune, it is a darker peek into this bands skill set. It is still very melodic but now with a creepier undertone. The full on blast climax at the end does the song strong justice. Both of these songs are filled to the brim with grungy awesomeness.
Check out this single, and check out Speedy Ortiz as they are playing shows all over this state now and in the future.

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