Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apathy Syndrome - Darkly EP/CS

Apathy Syndrome is a New Haven "Dark Trip Hop" project. They have just released their new Cassette EP "Darkly", and its a collection of songs heavy on groove and sound environment.

The first thing you will notice is the chill beat and eerie, spatial sounds. This is a labor of people who appreciate larger synthesized sounds. Reverb is at play on several levels, enabling the sounds to blend and interweave.

Some of the sounds are menacing and creepy. Nearly all of the sounds are dark. I imagine this music works best when it is dark out. It somehow manages to be chill and unnerving. Steady but brooding.

There are comparisons I can obviously see, most obviously being Massive Attack. I also hear a sort of moody MF DOOM flavor too, especially in the beats.

Also, Apathy Syndrome is nice enough to include 3 instrumental versions of songs from earlier in the tape at the end.

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mockstar said...

It's a great project: dystopian, arch, beautifully grim -- party music for those of us who abhor parties.