Monday, December 24, 2012

12/26 - Sandy Hook Benefit w/The Anti Dentites, No, Heavy Breath, 10,000 Blades @ The Outer Space

Each year the holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier, packing droves of angry moms, screaming kids and dedicated bargain hunters into stores all over the country. When it comes to shoving matches and Springfieldian angry mobs, one could say as a whole we've forgotten what the holiday season is supposed to mean: togetherness, generosity and reflection. As we get close to the end of 2012 we have a lot to reflect on. So many people have left us in the past year, some of them closer to home than others. This show is a chance to help give back to those in need.

All proceeds will be split between the Sandy Hook School Support Fund and the Dylan Hockley Memorial Fund, founded to help children with autism and other special needs.

The bands:
The Anti-Dentites (Hamden, CT)
They lost the first round of the Space's 2005 Battle of the Bands, to a local, short-lived, country supergroup called the Tires. The Anti-Dentites were fourteen, or fifteen years old apiece. Unfazed, the band went on to play the Space throughout high school on a near-monthly basis, to a dedicated brood of kids in search of earsplitting guitar and fellow nerds. Now mostly out of college, the Anti-Dentites remain four teenagers from Hamden, spread across the country from Massachusetts to Illinois. Annual band practices now impede on at least one family party at Greeno's house.

No (Middletown, CT)
If you like rock n' roll, this is your band. So let us get your head spinning and your ass shaking.

Heavy Breath (New Haven, CT)
Heavy Breath is the sound of five (or six) friends making music together. Since early 2010, Heavy Breath has discarded formula and tradition in favor of making up the rules as they go along, creating a sound that has drawn comparisons to 108, Refused, Converge and others. They also like long walks on the beach and cuddling. No sleep til the fish stop biting.

10,000 Blades solo/acoustic (Beloit, WI)
Most of our songs are kind of a bummer. They’re fun, though, and pretty relatable, so they have that going for them. We’re into punk rock and stuff, so sometimes songs can be fast, but we also go to/have graduated from college, so our songs can also be slow. Guitars are cool when you use a distortion pedal, but also when you pluck them softly with your fingers. Singing sweetly is cool too, but so is yelling loudly.
starts at 8:00 PM
$8 donation, 21+
295 Treadwell St, Hamden (same lot as The Space) 

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