Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Elison Jackson have a new release on their bandcamp, described on the page as "acoustic demos for forthcoming untitled in-production album which may or may not actually be on said album."

This little collection opens up with "2009" a somber bluesy number ripe with that good old Elison Jackson croon. A harmonica outro makes for the real authentic feel, as does the lo-fi sound.

"I Ain't Got No Tomorrows" is a little more on the poppy side of folk. Uplifting guitar matches the croon, which effortless glides across the melodies.

"Dreams Of Home" has some nice vocal blowouts, coming off not unlike early Dirty Projectors. There is also a sort of foreign quality to this song that makes it stand out from the others, a sort of odd melody.

Extra track "The Kind Of People" is a nice little low-key outro. Eerie and light, this song floats in and out of vocals alongside a timid guitar.

Regardless if these specific songs are being developed for the new LP, it shows a maturing Elison Jackson. The songs are more developed and "to the point" compared to their last LP's worth of songs. These songs also showcase an eerie unease very well present in their new EP "I Do Believe She Flew Out The Drainpipe" (pick that one up on the gorgeous vinyl pressing they did!).

Get these tracks now via Elison Jacksons BANDCAMP and listen, while waiting for their new LP!

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