Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sub Verso - Humble Moons 7"

Sub Verso are from New Haven and Chicago, respectively. They have a new 7 inch out and it's well worth your ears time!

First, we have the title track. Reverb coated synth and guitar creep in as the drums build into a frenzy. The instrumentation is a complex accessory to the thunderous drums and vocals. The song kicks into super high gear around the 2:30 mark and falls off the deep end of swelling solos. The drums remain fervent throughout the entire song. Truly a great piece of reverberated melody and athletic drumming

B-side "Strangers Here" begins as a raucous fuzz fest. Then the intensity stops in favor of a palm muted chug that grows back up to a filthy distorted blast of defiant energy.

All in all this is a great release and we look forward to hearing more from Sub Verso. Check them out at CAFE 9 on 12/18 with No Program; Pools Are Nice and Milksop:Unsung
Here is the Facebook Event Page
Brian from Sub Verso has an update regarding the show on 12/18: "we are playing on December 18th at Cafe 9 for free, but we made a last minute change and I was hoping you would post it/update it to support. We are going to raise funds for the families of Newtown at the show. It was already free but we are going to ask for donations to support those in need. Thanks. "
Thank YOU, Sub Verso

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