Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ab Origine - The CTINDIE Radio Spot (July 2013 Edition)

Bob D'Aprile from CTROCK on WPKN Bridgeport and have teamed up to produce and syndicate an ongoing monthly radio spot promoting as many CT shows and artists as we can. The spot series, called Ab Origine (from the source, in latin) premiered June 28th 2012 on WPKN.

Hear the latest edition of Ab Origine below:

transcript below:

            thu jul 11 -  Pop Pistol, Inside/Outside, Manicorn, David Martinez,
            sat jul 13 - Evan Wahlquist & Band, Taylor Joyner, Amanda Bellitto,
            thu jul 18 - The Directionals, High Bluff, Stephen Chopek,
            fri jul 19 - Duece Bug / Full Blast Movement,
            sat jul 20 - Peppy Castro,  Brute Force

            tue jul 23 - Good Graeff
            fri jul 26 - KLOKWIZE
            sat jul 27 - Chaser Eight, Downstairs Sally,
            thu aug 1 - The Wind Up Toys,
            fri aug 2 - Bobby D's Birthday Bash : Socially Starved, Commercial Interruption, 9th Wave, Weird Beards,
            sat aug 3 - Jen Hill & Co, Farewood, Becky Kessler (solo)
            thu Aug 8 - Indie Thursday : Drama State, Kamikaze Fighter Pilots, and tba
            fri aug 9 - Balkun Brothers, Legs Like Tree Trunks, Nic Lawless
            sat Aug 10 - Howie and the Soul Potatoes

        Cafe Nine in new haven

        july 13 Heavy Breath; w/Canvas; The High Noon •
        july 16 Yung Life; w/ Ports of Spain
        july 17 The Well Informed; w/ Them Damn Hamiltons
        july 19 Tragically Said •
        july 22  If Jesus Had Machine Guns
        july 23 Young Dubliners; The Alehounds
        july 25 Night Moves; w/ Big Tusk
        july 26 M.T. Bearington; w/Ponybird; Violent Mae
        july 27 Elison Jackson; w/ Lake Superior;Kindred Queer
        july 29 Kyle Flynn and the Vespers Nine; w/ City Streets Countryt Roads •
        aug 1 Amy LaVere; Daphne Lee Martin •


        july 17 Kisses / LA Luz
        july 24 Slander

        july 31 Body Language / Fake Babies
        aug 7 Lucius / Modern Merchant

        Heirloom Arts Theatre danbury

        july 12-14 bramble jam 3
        july 19 cinema cinema, father ocean
        july 20 the offseason, those mockingbirds
        july 21 listener, cattle drums
        july 24 mad conductor, the screwups
        july 26 sparks the rescue, kingsfoil
        july 27 battle stag records summer stampede II
        july 30 red hands, honestly
        aug 3 the attending, dawnmother
        aug 4 vultures, goat herder

        The Stomping Ground in putnam

        july 12 truth and rights
        july 19 dr gonzo and the roadkill orchestra
        july 20 the screwups
        july 26 Alec Redfearn and The Eyesores
        july 31 aqueous
        aug 2 them damn hamiltons


        Sully's pub in hartford

        july 12 Richard James & the Name Changers
        july 19 The Durkins
        july 27 Beautiful Hurt w/Down Monday
        aug 9 The Rudeness w/The Excitement

        best video in hamden

        Aug. 1. SUPER TRANCE
        Aug. 14.  THE ESTROGEN HIGHS
        Aug. 15. THE NICK Di MARIA QUARTET

        The Space in hamden
        july 12 Graph Rabbit, Spectral Fangs, Beijing,
        july 13 family photo, the palindromes
        july 17 diving, costumes, father ocean
        july 19 broadcast hearts, the lively
        july 20 a great big pile of leaves, lvl up
        july 21 the world is a beautiful place, dads
        july 28 the stolen, the miles kept

        The Outer Space
        july 13 Sleeping Giant
        july 15 From Fragile Seeds, Wess Meets West,
        july 23 Dadwood, Little Big League, Buck McGrane
        aug 5 Judson Claiborne

        Spaceland Ballroom

        july 12 Mark Mulcahy, The Mountain Movers
        july 16 Bosnian Rainbows
        july 17 jon spencer blues explosion
        july 21 the lemonheads
        aug 2 For Serious, Llama Tsunami

        Arch Street Tavern in hartford
        july 20 Little Ugly EP Release Party w/Forward Motion, Shag Frenzy
        july 30 Melvins / Honky
        aug 2 Indigroove

        wallingfords cherry street station
        july 14 lost in society
        july 15 doping the void
        july 19 shallow ground
        july 20 eyes of the dead
        july 22 condition critical
        aug 2 nasrty disaster

    july 15 the flaming lips and spiritualized at the oakdale

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