Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gaining Tremendous Traction: An Interview with Kyle McEvoy of The Guru and Seagreen Records

It has been a crazy summer for The Guru. They went on a national tour in June and made it out to California and back. They have since that time played a billion CT shows and it's still only late July. I had a chance to get some A's to my Q's and take some of Kyle McEvoy's SCARCE time recently. Here's what he had to say:

Roger: Any fun stories from The Guru's first national tour?

Kyle McEvoy: There were so many crazy things that happened, a lot I wouldn't even want to share but I think my favorite memory was just when we finally made it to California and we woke up early and went down to the beach in Costa Mesa with some of our friends who live there and play in a band called The Merry Rounders and I just was sitting on the beach and was watching Eddie and Colin run into the ocean together

[It's] pretty unreal to think that we started this band in high school for fun and somehow we ended up on the west coast

Roger: The success of The Guru has been gaining tremendous traction, and you guys seem to be taking it in stride. Are there any negative sides to being in one of the biggest current CT bands?

Kyle McEvoy: It's been pretty amazing how things have been changing for us and it's really nice to see all the hard work we put into The Guru paying off but I guess it does have it's pros and cons like anything else. I think one thing we kinda miss is just playing smaller shows where nobody knew us and when we were the opener because we always had a good time doing that.

Also things have just been super busy for us, we don't have too much time off because we're always working on new material or touring but at the same time, it's pretty nice to be able to do that with your best friends

Roger: So what do you have in the works? I hear you are writing some new songs and planning an LP? Any side/solo projects happening simultaneously?

Kyle McEvoy: The Guru is currently writing a full length album and playing some awesome festivals and colleges this year

Eddie is busy working on new solo stuff and finishing The Hiya Dunes record

I (Kyle) am currently in the process of writing and recording a new solo album that you can eventually get here: and trying to get out and play some acoustic shows

Roger: It seems to me you guys have more on your plate than ever before! Any near future shows you wanna specifically mention?

Kyle McEvoy: Yes for sure, we've realized things only get busier and busier. The good thing is though everything is super exciting so it makes it worth it for sure.

Yes! We're playing some awesome end of summer shows all over New England and some final hometown shows.
August 3rd at The Old Town Hall in Woodbury, August 16th - Genrely Confused Fest at The Space in Hamden and August 17th - Last show of the summer at Rockwell Park in Bristol!

Roger: The shows you guys put on at The Old Town Hall are basically the stuff of legends. A small local venue packed to the brim with fans having an indisputable good time. Tell me more about Genrely Confused Fest? What's the idea behind it and a few of the notable bands playing?

Kyle McEvoy: I'm super excited for Genrely Confused Festival! I help a lot of touring bands when they come through the area and it just so happened a lot of them needed that date. I'm super excited to see and play with all those bands! Giraffes? Giraffes! puts on one of the best live shows in the world. Oshwa, Gulfer and Vasdueva are all super cool, mathy type bands and seeing them live will be incredible!

Roger: One last question, will we be hearing any solo album material from you in the near future?

Kyle McEvoy: I am currently in the process of writing solo tunes and playing out a little here and there. I'm super lazy when it comes to recording but hopefully I'll have something out in the fall!

Stay tuned to all these Seagreen Records happenings. It looks like it's gonna be a fruitful 2013!!!!

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